Security Management

IDT 32

Schematic representation of IDT 32 control panel

The IDT 32 is a modern, high-end control panel with wide-ranging applications. It fulfils the specifications of DIN EN 60721-3-3:1995/A2:1997, Class 3K3,3Z11 (interior) in respect of Access, Alarm, Fire detection and Video technology. Through its modular construction, the best, bespoke, Plug-&-Play customer solutions can be created, using the up to 21-slot units. The system can handle wide-ranging logic functions. Up to 100 command structures, each with up to 64 Kb of parameters can be stored in the IDT 32 memory. As a result, the IDT 32 can be used as a freely programmable controller. States and events from a further IDT 32 can also be included in the logic. Data exchange is done through direct intercommunication between the IDT 32s, without routing through the server. Optional SRAM expansions are also available. Alongside the CPU, you can select all commonly used communication systems from the extensive range of modular plug-in cards, e.g. 100 Mbit Ethernet and ISDN modems. To complete the picture, you can then configure tailored solutions for digital inputs, door opener relays, alarm relays or output relays from a further range of plug-in cards. Monitored line cards are also available as an option. With the modern, high-end IDT 32 control panel, you can integrate and control inputs and outputs for up to 32 doors, readers and/or keypads as well as further security technology systems. Up to 4 buses can be run in parallel using RS485 bus technology. The IDT 32 supports pkt technology.

ODU 100

ODU 100 Operator and Display Unit from primion for the Security management

Thanks to its compact construction profile, the ODU 100 Operator and Display Unit can fit into almost any location. It has operating elements for an intrusion detection system (IDS), e.g. alarm, tamper, attack, arming, disarming, key number. Authentication is done through the input of a PINcode or through the credential reader. The 2 line, backlit 16 digit display offers excellent display options, in order to ensure a clear execution of the required operations.

Digital transmission equipment

Interior of a digital transmission device for Security management systems

The DS 7600 and DS 7700 digital transmission devices are transmission systems for Hazard detection systems (HDS), remote parameter setting, remote control and remote maintenance. The transmission of the alarm and control information via IP and / or ISDN takes place in accordance with the relevant VdS specifications, which ensures compatibility with the receiver units. The quick and targeted transmission of detailed information reduces the reaction time and the risk potential for the intervention personnel. This is further safeguarded by a comprehensive range of product features.

Analogue dialling equipment

Photo of interior of analogue transmission device from primion

The DS 6700 / DS 6750 analogue transmission devices are used to transmit messages from Hazard detection systems (HDS) using public and private PSTN communication networks and as an interface to remote systems, such as management systems linked via public or private networks. Remote parameter setting and remote maintenance are also possible, as well as the establishment of connections to different alarm receiving centres using dedicated and demand-actuated lines. Connections to different command centres can be established and maintained, without the need to interrupt already existing connections.

External signalling devices

Photo of external signalling device for silent alarm

Alongside silent alarm generation, the classical alarm generators also handle important tasks. In serious emergencies, seconds count, so direct alarm generation brings valuable time advantages and have an important deterrent effect. Acoustic external alarm device are for local alarms, for example in case of break-in, fire or hold-up. In order to prevent security loopholes following device failure or tampering, two alarm devices are normally mounted at a distance from one another.

Internal signalling devices

Photo of an internal signalling device from primion for security managment

Differentiation is made between optical, acoustic and combined alarm generators. They serve to signal alarms or individual events through an internal siren or a flashing light or a combination of both. They can be installed using conventional connection technology.

Power supply units / Charging units

Photo of a primion power supply and charging unit for security management systems

A suitable power supply unit/charging unit is available for every application case. Corresponding functions are safeguarded through permanent accumulator monitoring, voltage stabilisation and current limitation. The accumulators used in supplying energy must have been tested and as necessary, approved by the VdS. Regulations in accordance with DIN VDE 0833-1 must be observed.

Display panel

Photo du tableau d'affichage de primion pour les systèmes de sécurité.

The display panel was developed to provide an overview of various states, to see if a door is closed or open, for example, so that an built-in buzzer can trigger an alarm as necessary. The LEDs in the Display panel can also be activated through extended event control definition. For example, certain LEDs could be activated to indicate that a monitored window is still open after 800 pm, assuming it is correspondingly connected to the system. If the panel is deployed in combination with an intrusion detection system (IDS), it can inform an employee whether the system is to be armed as they leave the building, if they are the last person on site.

Motion detectors with bus connection technology

Picture of primion motion detector for security management systems

Viewguard PIR detector Motion detectors using passive infrared technology, which are equipped with high quality mirror optics, area optics as default, to ensure optimum detection. If required, the detectors can be retro-fitted with long-range or curtain optics using accessories that are available separately. The detectors are suitable for intruder alarm panels with BUS 1 technology, conventional technology and are available with or without anti-mask function. Approval: VdS Class B or Class C.

Connection modules

Photo of a primion connection module for security management

The various connection modules represent the link between the conventional detector technology and the detector bus BUS 1 system technology. They make one or two differential detector groups available that work independently of each other.

Smoke detector base

Interior of a primion smoke detector base for security management systems

Allows fire detection in connection with an intrusion panel. Particularly suitable for premises in which building regulations do not require a fire detection system, but where fire detection seems a good idea, in order to protect persons or property values. The combination of base and smoke detector makes deployment possible in accordance with the premises-specific properties of the fire risk. The smoke detector base has been constructed to be easy to install and based on practical applications.


Photo of the primion hardware component magnetic contact for security management systems

- Flush- / surface-mounted magnetic contacts
- Roller shutter magnetic contacts
- Bolt switch contacts
- Cable links concealed/revealed

A magnetic contact is an automatic detector for monitoring doors, windows or other movable parts. It consists of one or more reed contacts and a permanent magnet. In the case of an unauthorised opening, the reed contact opens because the magnet has been removed (change of the magnetic field) and interrupts the detector group. This is reported to the system in different ways, depending on the configuration.

Hold-up Devices

Photo of a primion hold-up device for security management systems

For inconspicuous hold-up alarm actuation, round or square. Triggers the alarm signal at the hold-up panel and intrusion panel when activated. At the same the indicator paper is destroyed, making the alarm triggering is displayed permanently.

Water detector

Photo of primion water detector for detecting water rushes within security management systems

Detects accumulating water in the case of water rushes, via 2 gold-plated electrodes. The detector is housed in an enclosed plastic housing; an LED on the top of the housing indicates that the detector has been triggered.

Gas detector

Photo of primion gas detector for hazard detection control panels

For detecting and evaluating physical variables such as hydrocarbon gases (methane and propane). The complete electronics including sensors and buzzer (local alarm actuation) is built into a sturdy plastic housing. The potential-free output allows direct connection to hazard detection control panels and telephone diallers.

Vibration detector

Photo of the primion hardware component vibration detector for security management systems

For break-through monitoring of glass surfaces in windows and doors. Can be used on glass that cannot be monitored by means of passive glass breakage sensors, such as structural glass, composite glass, bullet-proof glass, glass with wire insert and glass with a plastic liner.