Personnel Planning

The right employee in the right place at the right time – with prime PEP

Prime PEP for service and building plans, the modern software solution, takes numerous parameters into account. It guarantees a transparent overview and sensible control and evaluation of service and building plans. This saves resources and optimises control procedures, as the quality of the plans reduces the administrative efforts required. With prime PEP, the service and building plans are capacity-orientated, needs-based and property-based.

Your benefits:

  • Fast and effective service and building plans
  • Customer and employee satisfaction through high planning fairness
  • Avoidance of unproductive idling and, thus, expensive overtime
  • Reduced planning time through simplified working processes
  • Fast training period into the software surface
  • Permanent cost control through clear user interfaces
  • Return on invest within only a few months

Service plans can be created manually or automatically The distribution into services, buildings or property-based tasks can take employees' wishes into account. The qualifications and availabilities, which are saved onto the system, are consulted when planning, as well as the personnel requirement, necessary restrictions or planning regulations.

Extensive planning features and evaluative possibilities provide the substantiated information that you need in order to reach your decisions.

Case Studies