Workforce planning

prime PEP

Workforce planning for practically all industries, including shift and site plans for security service providers.

Shift plans can be created manually or automatically. The assignment of staff to shifts, sites or site-related tasks can take staff preferences into account and checks the corresponding qualifications and availability. Staff requirements and pertinent restrictions or planning rules are taken into account. Extensive planning functions and reporting options deliver the fact-based information that is needed for making planning decisions.

Need-based options:

  • District planning
  • Watchman control system
  • Site planning
  • Resource planning (vehicles, equipment, etc.)
  • Rapid Reaction Force
  • Plausibility checks
  • Variable time accounts with threshold and limit values
  • Unlimited number of work time models: (part time, shifts, on-call / standby duty, etc.)
  • Control of staff costs and budgets
  • Shift assignment over variable time periods
  • Integration of electronic employee files
  • Employee self-service (ESS)
  • etc.

Secure planning quality for:

  • Site-related tasks and times
  • Automatic sequential planning
  • Planning periods
  • Defined shift times
  • Remuneration contracts, service agreements, local agreements, Health & Safety directives, etc.
  • Downtimes
  • Alternative plans
  • Stand-by, reserve pool employees, etc.
  • Special duties
  • Training times
  • Minimum and maximum manning levels
  • Staff qualification
  • and much more besides

Efficient controlling tools:

  • Site manning check
  • Department overview
  • Shift time schedule
  • Working rule infringements
  • Supplement overview
  • Vacation plans and overview
  • Site-related information relating to status, site type, task description, manning strengths, etc.
  • etc.