Mobile Solutions

Manage security systems, open doors and check working times while on the go

Mobile Client for Security Management System

Mobile information about faults is distributed "on the fly" to the facility team also across buildings that are geographically well separated, thanks to the Mobile Client in psm2200 Security Management System.

In the case of intrusion, the alarm situation can be verified and evaluated through the Mobile Client, using a live camera stream from the affected area. For example, the emergency services can be authorised to access the video stream locally, allowing them to easier evaluate the risk. If necessary, they can initiate rapid and appropriate actions, e. g. calling the ambulance. Thus, maintenance work on safety-related systems, such as access control and fire detection systems, can be done on a "one-man maintenance" basis.

The resource-optimised deployment of available staff becomes a reality!

prime Mobile for Time Recording and Access Control

prime Mobile for mobile devices with Windows Phone, Android or Apple iOS operating systems allows user to make time recording and access control bookings while on the go.

All you need is a working Internet connection. No download or installation is required. prime Mobile is called up by the device's browser application. An icon can be placed on a start page to facilitate fast access to the App. Usage of the time recording and/or access control areas can be configured individually.

You can manage Time Recording and Access Control, display various booking types and balances or open doors by using only one App.

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