Perimeter Protection With pSM Security Management

  • Preventing dangers already at the property boundary

Perimeter protection serves to detect or prevent dangers at an early stage, starting at the property boundary of the object to be secured.

Depending on the results and objectives of the security concept, we offer a variety of solutions based on innovative technologies. Starting from video perimeter surveillance up to fence surveillance.

  • Immediate warning to security personnel

Security personnel must be informed in a targeted and immediate manner before further damage occurs. This is done highly efficiently, for example, by integrating our technologies into the hazard management system pSM - prime SecurityManagement.

  • Correct assessment of dangerous situations

Parallel to the reported dangerous situation in pSM, in order to avoid false alarms, the manual pre-assessment of the dangerous situation can take place from the safe pSM control center client environment by:

  • Video sequences from PTZ cameras with autotracking function
  • Thermal imaging cameras in case of poor visibility conditions or
  • If necessary, drones

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