Reliably secure and manage high-security areas

Minimize risks and react immediately in the event of a crisis

With prime SecurityManagement (pSM), emergency scenarios and follow-up processes are controlled centrally and automatically:

  • Block access to hazardous areas
  • Close barriers
  • Open emergency doors
  • Alert emergency services
  • Parallel: Automated notification of all responsible persons and, if necessary, the company management

 The overall hazard situation and its possible consequences are reduced to a minimum. All events - from the origin to the action taken - are documented in the logbook of the pSM. An analysis of the incident is thus possible at any time.

Response to and verify hazardous incidents

pSM offers efficient options for integrating and mapping highly sensitive processes such as the monitoring of barriers from access control systems.

This allows you to react immediately to incidents and verify them for further processing.

High-security applications require reliable systems

prime SecurityManagement (pSM) is certified as conforming to parts of EN 50518-2 in accordance with guideline VdS 3534. The certified quality and reliability are the ideal prerequisites for operating an emergency call service control center in what is defined as a "secure environment".

Brochure prime SecurityManagement (pSM)

Our solution for intelligent security management

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