Access Control With Wide Range Solutions for Barriers and Gates

primion's wide-area solution simplifies processes in large areas

  • In defined lanes, radio signals are reliably transmitted through the window transponders to the barrier controlled by the access control system.
  • The signal for opening is recognized by the prime WebAccess software via the IDT 32 control unit and the barrier is opened.
  • Matching of transponder data and the stored license plate via the interface to the video surveillance system.
  • Administration and assignment of rights is performed centrally via the prime WebAccess software.

Our system at DB Schenker France

55 sites are protected with primion systems.

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Highly modern access control centers control and monitor doors, turnstiles, barriers and locks

  • Integrated readers record the identification features
  • High-security processes
  • Biometric applications
  • User-friendly applications (simple numbering system)
  • Modern terminals in different variants

Brochure prime WebAccess

Intelligent Access Control for every demand

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