System Solutions

Access Control for all demands

From simple locking systems to complex high security solutions:
prime WebAccess fulfils all your demands

Interfaces for the integration with Time recording, Security Management and Visitor management are available for:

  • the temporal and spatial allocation of performance features
  • the possibility of making flexible and quick changes to entitlements
  • the reliable exclusion of unauthorised persons
  • notifications of manipulation attempts
  • documentation of all relevant events
  • a user-friendly management of visitors

Modern access control, the so-called Intelligent Data Terminals (IDT) can control and monitor doors, turnstiles, barriers, locks, elevators, roller shutters etc.

The badge reader collects identification features over RFID technologies, e.g. through a chip or identification document, biometric characteristics like fingerprints and entering number combinations. The assigned entitlements are managed in a database and can be changed or deactivated flexibly.

Electronic locking cylinders and fittings individual doors can be locked reliably by using an on-/offline system. The prime key technology (pkt) is simply connected to the prime WebAccess.
Click here for our pkt video [11 MB]!

Case Studies