Product Overview

Access Control components of primion

Software prime WebAccess

The prime WebAccess software for Access control is simple to operate and convenient to use. With prime WebAccess, you can monitor and control access points such as doors, turnstiles, barriers, airlocks, elevators, roller shutters etc., assign time and location-based access rights, modify authorisations at any time and prevent attempts to tamper with or manipulate the system. Relevant events and credential tracking are documented.

The software guarantees the reliable exclusion of unauthorised persons and gives clear control of all access management processes, through interfaces to Time recording and Hazard detection systems, and through integrated video technology. Further features include additional control through PINcodes or door codes, Employee Self-Service (ESS) over the Web, as well as Global anti-passback, Timed anti-passback and threat code recognition.

The retrospective installation of online/offline solutions is possible using primion’s prime key technology (pkt). The prime Visit software for visitor management is the ideal add-on application. Thanks to the use of standard Web browser technology, prime WebAccess can be integrated simply, quickly and comprehensively with no limits to the expansion of the system and it can be networked with Time recording or Security monitoring systems, including already existing systems from other manufacturers.

Integration with time recording

Access control with prime WebAccess can be expanded at any time to include time recording, by the addition of prime WebTime. As both applications use the same database, common system data doesn't have to be re-entered. When you integrate access control and time recording in this way, person data records only have to be entered once.

Integration with security management through psm2200

psm2200, primion's security control centre application, facilitates the uniform operation and monitoring of different security-related applications such as video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, fire detection and escape route equipment in one system. Devices for these different applications are integrated directly or through software from third-party suppliers and are controlled ,manually or automatically through a uniform GUI.

Integration with visitor administration

Timed visitor access to defined areas can be reliably monitored through prime Visit. The access activity of the visitor while they are on site can be traced, in order to ensure adherence to internal or statutory guidelines and to avoid the risk of any potential damage.

pkt: prime key technology - Offline Solutions

Individual doors can be connected through the online / offline system, by the deployment of electronic locking cylinders and door terminal escutcheon readers. pkt, prime key technology, is integrated easily into prime WebAccess. Online readers, so-called Master readers, are installed at the outer access points to the area that is to be secured, e.g. main entrances. Employees then book at these readers and their access rights are updated. The employees then “carry” their access rights with them on their credential to the offline components and then present it again to gain access to the room/area controlled by the device.

The terminals or cylinders at the access points do not have their own authorisation logic. They are not connected to the system. They function autonomously and are powered through long-life batteries. Updates are entered directly into the software through a user workstation, which are then transmitted to the master readers and/or control panels, as appropriate; for example access limitations or the definition of the access points that the access rights should apply to. Employees or for example, external service providers such as cleaning or maintenance staff, have to “fetch” their new access rights from the Master readers on a regular basis. As a rule, the rights are updated to the credentials on a daily basis. 

Access Control Hardware

IDT 2x

The high-end access control panel IDT 2x with housing

The IDT 2x is a high-end access control panel with many different deployment options. It can be integrated seamlessly into modern building cabling landscapes, making it ideal for the current demands placed on an easily scalable access control infrastructure. Thanks to the use of flexible DIN rail technology, the device has optimum characteristics for integration in standardised electrical installation environments. The system can handle wide-ranging logic functions. Inputs and outputs are available in the basic module. If required, these can be expanded by the deployment of expansion modules. The panel's status is indicated through LEDs mounted on the top of the device.

IDT 32

Graphic showing the primion Access control center in the transparent top view

The IDT 32 is a modern, high-end control centre with wide-ranging applications. It fulfils the specifications of DIN EN 60721-3-3:1995/A2:1997, Class 3K3,3Z11 (interior) in respect of Access, Alarm, Fire detection and Video technology. Through its modular construction, the best, bespoke, Plug-&-Play customer solutions can be created, using the up to 21-slot units. The system can handle wide-ranging logic functions. Up to 100 command structures, each with up to 64 Kb of parameters can be stored in the IDT 32 memory. As a result, the IDT 32 can be used as a freely programmable controller. States and events from a further IDT 32 can also be included in the logic. Data exchange is done through direct intercommunication between the IDT 32s, without routing through the server. Optional SRAM expansions are also available. Alongside the CPU, you can select all commonly used communication systems from the extensive range of modular plug-in cards, e.g. 100 Mbit Ethernet and ISDN modems. To complete the picture, you can then configure tailored solutions for digital inputs, door opener relays, alarm relays or output relays from a further range of plug-in cards. Monitored line cards are also available as an option. With the modern, high-end IDT 32 control panel, you can integrate and control inputs and outputs for up to 32 doors, readers and/or keypads as well as further security technology systems. Up to 4 buses can be run in parallel using RS485 bus technology. The IDT 32 supports pkt technology.

Advanced Data Reader (ADR) Indoor

primion Advanced Data Reader Indoor without keypadr
primion Advanced Data Reader Indoor with keypad

Readers from the ADR series are characterised by their attractive design and the high level of user comfort they offer.The design is based on the ADT Time recording terminals. Reader and Time recording terminals are thus perfectly matched.

The ADR Indoor with keypad has a 12 key capacitive keypad. The keypad won’t show any signs of wear and the unit requires very little servicing

With its pkt master function option, the reader can read individual access-related data from the card and at the same time, write new information onto the card (e.g. updated access rights).

prime multiprox

access control reader prime multiprox

Suitable for different card technologies. Proximity readers for meeting high security requirements while at the same time offering high levels of user comfort, with a read distance of around 5 cm. Suitable for outdoor deployment thanks to the electronics being potted and also having an additional lacquer coating. Can be used as pkt Master readers when connected to an IDT 32, which write offline access rights onto the credential.

Universal switch box reader

Universal switch box reader without

Proximity, indoor reader module for Access control and Time recording. Simple installation in switch boxes from Siedle, Gyra, Jung, Mertens and Behnke. Long working-life while at the same time minimising service costs. Not readily identifiable as a module for Access control or Time recording, at a first glance. Can be used as pkt Master readers when connected to an IDT 32, which write offline access rights onto the credential.

prime crystal

Our picture shows the design awarded reader prime crystal with a contemporary glass-fronted design. Its glass frame lights up when effecting access bookings.

The iF Design award winning reader meets high security requirements while at the same time offering high levels of user comfort. Freely-definable LED effects light up the whole glass frame to display different states, such as green for “Access granted”. With capacitive keypad. Low service requirements. Can be used as a pkt Master reader.

pkt Door handle

The picture shows our pkt door handle with round rosette in a simple stainless steel design.

Compatible with many European lock standards. Different versions allow its use in all commonly-used door types, such as wood, steel and aluminium as well as narrow frame doors with a backset of more than 20 mm. Suitable for both new builds and for retrofitting in existing locations.

pkt digital cylinder G3

The picture shows the pkt door cylinder G3 from primion in the overall view before installation

For securing individual doors within the pkt system. As replacement for a conventional profile cylinder. Equipped with MIFARE® DESFire® EV1- or LEGIC® advant reader, which reads the access rights from the credential that have been written there by a Master reader. Convenient access rights management with the default, scheduled renewal of these rights through the Host system. No individual programming is required. The electronic knob module contains the complete read and control electronics as well as the power supply.

pkt digital cylinder G4

Photo of a ditigal cylinder before installation for securing doors subsequently made of stainless steel

Version for outdoor deployment. Usage as with the G3. As with the G3, event data can be read out and evaluated.

pkt offline reader IDR-O

It reads the access rights that have been written onto an access credential by a Master reader with an online connection to the central database and autonomously grants or denies access accordingly. The individually assigned access rights contain various time periods with validity periods that can be set as required. Credentials have to be updated regularly at a Master reader. Otherwise the offline access rights expire for security reasons. No individual programming is required. Stores up to 160 events.