Access Control

Access control developed and produced in-house

Today's access control adapts itself to meet local requirements and it safeguards the safety and security of people and assets. prime WebbAccess delivers comprehensive options for the control of access rights for doors, turnstiles, elevators, etc. Also through workflow scenarios.

Any attempts at manipulation are reported immediately. User-friendly readers and control panels complete the system. Interfaces facilitate connections to further systems, e.g. to a Control centre such as the Risk management system psm2200 or to a Time recording application. By deploying this optimum protection, you can also go a long way to fulfilling all the requirements of your property and casualty insurance company.

Biometric Access Control

Personal identification based on unique characteristics such as fingerprints offers significant benefits: Unlike keys or cards these cannot be lost or be given to unauthorised persons. Biometric solutions for access control or time and attendance must be easy to operate and must fulfil the highest security requirements. Such systems are demanded for example, by industry, research facilities, banks, the military, the public sector or even in construction.

Electronic locking cylinders and escutcheon readers

Doors are also locked securely with the online/offline solution pkt, prime key technology. If necessary, individual access points can be added to your access control system retrospectively, through the use of electronic locking cylinders and escutcheon readers. pkt offline solutions from primion Technology GmbH support the OSS Standard Offline from the OSS Association.

eLOCK eXpert System

eLOCK eXpert is an Access on Card system with MIFARE transponder technology for midsize and large locking systems. The assignment, modification or removal of locking authorisations is done offline. Authorisation data is stored on the transponder.  

eLOCK eXpress system

eLOCK eXpress offers the perfect solution for small to midsize installations. The locking system is tailored to meet the individual requirements and is characterised by the ease of handling. Cylinders that can be lengthened on a modular basis offer particular flexibility and can be adjusted retrospectively on site.  Further information: Opertis Solutions