Control and monitor emergency situations with pSM

pSM (prime KeyTechnology), the system for emergency management controls and monitors the entire spectrum of security applications in the

  • Access control
  • Building and fire protection technology
  • Video surveillance

pSM integrates these applications on one platform so that a complete overview is possible at all times.

    Automated processes can be defined for emergencies

    The data is integrated and visualised in a central and uniform management interface.

    • Subsequent scenarios can be defined in advance as automated processes: e.g. alerting emergency services.
    • Manual interventions can be supported by individual workflow scenarios if required: e.g. who is to be informed about which alarm within the company.

    All client processes work permanently online. The relevant process information remains constantly available for processing. Client databases are no longer required, which reduces investment costs. The clients are updated online at the click of a mouse. In this way, all those responsible are constantly up to date.

    Brochure pSM

    Our intelligent solution for emergency situations

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    Product information prime SecurityManagement (pSM)

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