Access control management

The access control management from primion maximises security in emergency situations and minimises sabotage attempts at the same time.

  • Secure individual rooms

    Lock single doors in an on/offline system reliably.


  • Emergency situations

    Manage safety-related applications automatically.


  • Sabotage

    Reduce potential dangers to a calculable minimum.


Secure individual rooms and enable temporary access

Reliably secure critical environments, e.g. access to the laboratory or to storage rooms with confidential documents. This can also be done retroactively by integrating mechatronic components into an existing access control system. With pKT - prime KeyTechnology, you can grant access to these rooms to a specific group of people at specific times. This is because the access rights are stored on the badge by the booking at the master reader and can be changed at any time. The current access rights are retrieved daily by your staff at the master reader.

Simple, fast, reliable and sustainable!

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