Workflow Scenarios in Time Recording

Automated processes for certain routine tasks can simplify workflows in companies and increase effectiveness. In access control, time recording, security technology and visitor management, so-called workflow scenarios help to optimise approval and release procedures.

In time recording, employees can, for example, book the beginning and end of their working time at the time recording terminal, via smartphone or on a PC, view their time balances, submit holiday applications and have forgotten individual bookings and applications for overtime or business trips approved. Via a web-based application, this is also possible while on the road, which saves field staff from annoying subsequent bookings or applications.

Interfaces to the wage and salary programmes

Interfaces process the times recorded in this way and take into account special working time models (on-call times, holiday and night work, etc.). The approval process can be structured hierarchically so that several people have to approve the request. This process is automated, the application is automatically forwarded to the next level for approval after it has been approved, until the applicant finally receives approval at the end. All events are automatically logged and can be traced at any time. The workflow also carries out checks. For example, an employee can only request flexitime compensation if the required number of hours is available in his or her account. No illogical requests are triggered, manual checks are superfluous and the HR department is significantly relieved.

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