prime Mobile for Mobile Time Recording and New Working Models

prime Mobile is the mobile extension of the prime WebSystems software.

With prime Mobile, employees can access the system from their smartphone or tablet. This gives them access to the most common end-user functions, including the defined workflows. With prime Mobile, working time can be recorded from any location and is automatically forwarded for further processing.

prime Mobile is a website adapted for mobile devices that runs on the same server as prime WebSystems. The application is adapted for smaller screens, equipped for touch, a virtual keyboard and mobile data connections. prime Mobile requires no installation or updates and is always up to date. prime Mobile is called up via the browser and is therefore independent of the operating system.

All features at a glance - prime Mobile's range of functions

  • Easy to use thanks to the modern and user-friendly design.
  • Make online bookings for arrivals and departures, including all special booking types such as business trips, doctor's appointments, etc.
  • Carry out SAP online bookings
  • Request forgotten bookings from the supervisor
  • Overview of leave balances and balances of time and salary accounts
  • Monthly overview of absences and absenteeism
  • Weekly overview of absences and daily schedules
  • Daily overview of absences, daily schedules, calculated times and balances
  • Submit requests for absences to supervisor indicating available reasons for absence
  • Optional attachment of a file to absence requests: Document in PDF format or e.g. picture taken with mobile device
  • View the status of pending and processed requests
  • Open doors managed via prime WebSystems
  • Change password
  • Encrypted communication with prime WebSystems via SSL

Accessing prime Mobile via browser

The only requirement is an internet connection, then Windows-based devices can be used in the same way as devices with Android or iOS.

Simply place a link (icon) to prime Mobile on the start screen of the mobile device. You can choose not only the start page, but any other prime Mobile page. The login data for prime Mobile are identical to the login data used for prime WebSystems: Login name and password. The login data are managed in prime WebSystems. The password can also be changed there.

prime Mobile is available in several languages:

  • German
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Dutch

With prime Mobile, you can also open doors and thus use it in an access control system.

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