prime Sprox

This modern reader from primion is ideal for capturing data from ID cards or key fobs that are used as transponders.


The reader equipped with RFID technology was developed for use in central security offices - or in comparable locations - as a desktop station. Through an easily connectable serial RS 232 interface, the device can be connected directly (1:1) to a commercially available PC or laptop or optionally connected to the PC via USB.

To record the data, a badge (card, key fob, etc.) is placed on the reading field in ISO-compliant format. The desk shape of the enrolment reader with a slightly raised border guarantees that the badges remain in position. This prevents errors during reading.

The data of numerous badges can be captured quickly and easily in a very short time with the capture reader from primion!


  • serial connection to PC (RS 232), optionally with USB
  • compact design
  • desk form for easy handling
  • different card technologies available
  • suitable for access control and time recording
  • flexible application
  • high degree of security

prime Sprox

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