pKT Offline Reader IDR-O

The pKT IDR-O offlinereader is equipped with either a MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 or a LEGIC advant® reader. This reads the access rights written to the badge by a master reader (connected to the central database) and decides autonomously on the door release. These access rights consist of different time ranges whose validity can be set as desired. If the badge is not updated again via a master reader at the latest after this set time interval has expired, it loses all access rights to the offline components for security reasons.

Thanks to the full integration of access management in the host system, the access rights of the autonomous offline components are conveniently managed in the overall system. Individual programming of the offline reader is therefore not necessary. Depending on the system configuration, the pKT offline reader stores the last maximum of 160 events. In addition, the event data from a pKT offline reader with a special booking transfer card can be conveniently and easily transferred at any time via a master reader to the database of the host system, where they can then be evaluated as usual - taking into account data protection guidelines.

The offline reader contains the complete reading and control electronics of prime KeyTechnology and is an important component of this new technology. Installation is extremely simple. An external 12 V DC power supply at the place of use is sufficient.

Features of pKT offline reader IDR-O:

  • Use of the ID card / key fob as a virtual information carrier (automatic booking transfer, blacklist)
  • Integrated RTC module
  • Individual access authorisations per person
  • No authorisation memory on site
  • Toggle mode possible (first booking - permanently open, second booking - close)
  • Two LEDs (red/green, yellow) for status display and confirmation of commands
  • One door opener relay
  • One input each for door release button and feedback contact

pKT Offline Reader IDR-O

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