prime CertifiedAccess - Update Access Rights on a Daily Basis by Comparing Them With Covid Certificates

The prime CertifiedAccess software checks the validity of certificates and provides support in updating the access rights stored in your system.

The registered certificate is compared with the access authorisations stored in the system; if the certificate is invalid, the doors remain locked for that person.

Privacy and data protection are considered in any case. Only the validity date calculated on the basis of the QR code is used in the access control. 

The optional module for the access control system is intuitive to use and effective in its application. It optimises the necessary registration process and ensures optimal security.

This is how you benefit

  • Secure and simple registration without long queues at the entrance to the factory premises.
  • Streamlining and digitalisation of registration scenarios
  • Investment protection through diverse configuration options in the event of legal changes

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Scenario 1 - Pre-Registration

At home on a PC or laptop, or on the move via smartphone or tablet, the QR code of the certificate is captured by upload or with the camera: the vaccination or recovery certificate or the test result. The person then identifies himself on a specially configured website by entering the company personnel number or the number of the company ID card.

The software compares the data with the access authorisations stored in the system. If the information matches, a validity date is calculated and the access control system grants the required access rights. Access, e.g. through the entrance gate after booking at the access control reader, is now possible.

After the validity date has expired, the access rights are automatically blocked again.

Scenario 2 - On-Site Registration under Supervision

The validity of certificates is checked on site. For example, at the entrance to the factory premises.

The company security assists in the registration process and thus forms the second security instance, so to speak. The company ID card or the personnel number is recorded in the system in conjunction with the certificate (vaccination and recovery certificate or test result), either autonomously or with the support of the supervisor.

The software checks the validity of the certificate and if the personal data matches the identification features of the access control. prime CertifiedAccess suggests a date of expiry for the current access authorisation in the next step. The supervisor must actively confirm this validity date.

If errors occur in the registration process, e.g. because no QR code is available, the supervisor can manually enable or, if necessary, deny access.

Flexibility for the implementation of new legal requirements

prime CertifiedAccess can also be operated in parallel in the company in both scenarios. 

New findings and legal regulations are reliably mapped. Not only can common Covid regulations for vaccinated, recovered and tested people be applied, but user-defined rules can also be added and information on new types of tests or specific vaccines can be stored and checked in the registration process.

Features of prime CertifiedAccess

  • Web application
  • Registration option for all persons stored in the access control system
  • Fully integrated in the access control system
  • Pre-registration or supervised on-site registration
  • Activation with expiry date and time, after successful registration
  • Possibility of manual release by company officers 
  • Configurable rules (vaccinated, recovered, tested or customized)
  • Available in 5 languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch
  • Licensing according to number of employees
  • Privacy and data protection guaranteed at all times 

System specifications of prime CertifiedAccess

  • prime WebSystems from Build 161 
  • ZKSWIN from Schema 27

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