primion security system for Ministry of Justice in Morocco

In total, the system manages the data of 20,000 civil servants

Entrance to the premises of the Ministry of Justice in Rabat, Morocco

The international partners of the AZKOYEN Time & Security Division are also successful worldwide.  For example, the French primion S.A.S. has prepared and successfully completed an interesting project together with its partner RMS (Ressources Management Solutions) in Morocco. RMS has been a reliable and successful partner for primion in Morocco for decades.

RMS was awarded the contract to design and install a comprehensive solution for access control, time recording and visitor management systems in the Ministry of Justice. The ministry is located in Rabat, the capital of Morocco and seat of the royal family. The project has now been completed and is considered a great success by all parties involved. In the run-up to the project, many negotiations, talks and discussions were necessary in which primion France provided strategic support to its partner RMS.

20,000 data records in the system

With the access control and time recording system from primion, the "Ministry of Justice and Freedom" in Rabat wanted to significantly increase security within the area, so that both employees and the numerous visitors could stay in a protected and secure environment.

In total, the system manages the data of 20,000 civil servants, 1,600 of whom are at the central administration level of the Ministry of Justice. The following modules were integrated: prime WebTime for time recording, prime WebAccess for access control and prime WebManagement for system administration, including a workflow module for the validation of requests and prime Visit for visitor management.

Philippe Beriou, Business Unit Manager of primion France and Karim Elibrahimi, Managing Director of RMS consider the success of the project to be confirmation of their long-standing partnership.