Time recording on business trips - how does it work?

The use of smartphones, tablets and apps has revolutionized many processes, which is why employees expect flexibility and transparency when it comes to time recording.
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Business travel contributes significantly to corporate costs and creates high organizational overheads. In addition to hotel bookings and the preparation of travel and expense reports, the exact recording of working hours is also required. The solution is primion's time recording software, which optimally maps the challenges and requirements of a working world with flexible working hours. Web-based time recording enables the systematic recording of individual working hours during business trips and simplifies processes and reduces costs. Reliable time recording of working hours also leads to improved customer and employee satisfaction.

When does a business trip count as working time?

Business trips are business absences outside the regular place of work that take up one or more working days. To be considered a business trip, it must be assigned by the employer and a certain distance must be maintained. In September 2018, the Federal Labour Court ruled that employees may record all travel time as working time if they travel on business during regular working hours. It is irrelevant under compensation law whether the employee is engaged in a business or private activity during the travel period. If the business trip takes place outside regular working hours, such as at the weekend or in the evening, a distinction is made between working hours and rest periods. Meetings, appointments or other business activities are regarded as working time and are therefore remunerated. Employers and employees must comply with the Working Time Act (ArbZG):

Employees may not exceed the prescribed working time of eight hours, but in exceptional cases ten hours are possible. Employees must deduct break times.
After the end of work, the employee must take at least eleven hours of rest.
If employees work on business during a business trip on a Sunday, their employers must offer them a substitute rest day within two weeks according to §11 ArbZG. In addition, at least 15 Sundays per year must remain job-free.
For some industries special regulations apply, as for instance in hospitals, with pilots, captains, bus drivers or in the catering trade (§14 ArbZG).

For the exact recording of working time during a business trip, the implementation of a reliable time recording system is necessary. The system can be accessed by means of a mobile time recording app or a web browser.

Time recording systems from primion

The prime WebTime time recording system in conjunction with prime Connect from primion ensures efficient recording, planning and checking of working time during a business trip. This enables compliance with and verification of the applicable guidelines. The time recording during a business trip is possible from anywhere and at any time, and takes place via the web browser using the time recording software. primion's time recording system saves costs, time and administration. The implementation of primion's time recording software is quick and uncomplicated. The user-friendly time recording software allows employees to access important information such as overtime, absences, vacation days and so on while on the move. The time recording software eliminates the need for time-consuming and error-prone manual processes with time sheets and tables. The system makes it easy to request absences such as holidays or business trips. In addition, with primion time recording software you always have an overview and can react quickly if necessary.