How to protect yourself against industrial espionage

Every year, companies suffer heavy losses due to industrial espionage and data theft. Some companies still do not have the necessary security measures in place to limit damage and resume operations after an incident.
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As attacks become more and more complex, companies are forced to implement preventive security measures. Industrial espionage can endanger the existence of a company and, in the worst case, destroy it. An access control system tailored to the company can be very effective here, because access control systems prevent unauthorised access to premises, buildings and areas and protect the values contained therein against theft or destruction. They also protect the people who work there. primion's solution: A powerful access control system that provides maximum security by supplementing a time recording solution.

Which access control systems can help to defend against industrial espionage?

Industrial espionage poses a potential threat to all companies. Certain industries, such as mechanical engineering, automotive manufacturers and leading technology companies, are particularly affected. A sophisticated access control system is an important component of IT security technology. It ensures a high level of security for the company and its employees. In addition, an access control system seamlessly documents all access events and thus increases security. Biometric recording systems can also be used to further optimize protection. This makes sense especially in sensitive areas such as data centers or research departments. An access control logs, for example, those times when a door is open as well as all access and alarm events. In the event of loss or suspicion of sabotage, ID cards and identification tags can be blocked directly in the system so that the person concerned no longer has access.

Access control systems from primion

primion has developed prime WebAccess software for access control to protect against unauthorised access and industrial espionage. It is supplemented by attractive, design-oriented and user-friendly access control readers. The hardware for efficient access control is also produced in-house. The software for access control is adapted to the customer's requirements so that each company receives the appropriate, specific solution. The state-of-the-art access control system includes central management of access rights and time profiles that can be quickly changed and deleted. The access control software can be used both as a stand-alone solution and in combination with prime WebTime time recording software. The comprehensive solution provided by psm2200 enables, among other things, the combination of access control with building and fire protection technology or video surveillance.