Risk minimization at the airport - thanks to reliable access control systems

Access control systems accelerate processes and systematically increase security. At airports, however, special security measures apply because not only passengers, but also airport employees are entitled to protection and security.
Airplanes at Airport Frankfurt at night

Fraport - Frankfurt Airport

Access control systems from primion ensure that potential risks are minimized and that processes are clearly structured and arranged. As Europe's leading company in the field of access control and hazard management, primion has the expertise to achieve maximum security through its innovative systems.

A challenge: airport control

The issue of security is particularly relevant at an airport. Passengers and airport personnel expect maximum comfort and user-friendliness, while airport operators rely on maximum efficiency for the crucial passenger processes. The demands placed on security solutions are therefore high. Highly complex access control systems that are centrally controlled and thus enable maximum control minimise risks and monitor processes at the airport centrally.

Access control systems control the access of persons so that only authorized persons have access to the areas approved for them. Access authorization can be limited in time and controlled by means of so-called identification feature carriers, i.e. coded cards or chips. For Fraport, the operating company of Frankfurt Airport, primion installed a badge management system, an access control solution, a time recording system and a gate access system specially developed for the airport. These "Airport Solutions" developed by primion have since also been used at other airports.

Intelligent solutions for access control from primion

Access control systems from primion enable comprehensive, individually adapted and secure airport-specific solutions with state-of-the-art technologies and for the highest security requirements, with flexible management of access rights. primion supplies the complete security solution from a single source to ensure the integration of all security systems. Thanks to sophisticated concepts, primion products can also be integrated into a wide variety of control systems and ensure a safe, convenient and efficient flow of passengers.

Access control systems from primion provide the highest level of security from the very beginning. prime WebAccess access control software offers comprehensive options for controlling access rights for doors, turnstiles and elevators. These are reliably closed and manipulation attempts are reported immediately.