Time recording and access control - a sensible combination

The decision of the European Court of Justice to require companies to systematically record and document the working time of their employees has unsettled many companies.
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Access Control and Time Recording for all industries

They fear an increased administrative burden. The right software and user-friendly time recording terminals as well as comprehensive expert advice form the solution. A professional time and cost management, ideally in connection with an access control, brings not only considerable advantages to the company, but also to the employees.

Why a combination can enable the highest security standards

Access control systems ensure security by denying unauthorised persons access to certain areas. Unauthorised access can be dangerous for both the person and the company. For example, if the unauthorized person could be injured by materials or equipment, such as chemical substances in a laboratory. Theft, espionage or access to confidential data can have serious consequences for the company. The solution: The combination of time recording with access control, which increases security in your company and ensures transparency. Access control checks access authorizations and denies access if necessary. Time recording not only records working hours, but also the presence of employees, which can be important in the event of an evacuation, for example. Combine time recording with access control to ensure the highest level of security.

The advantages of time recording and access control

In addition to the exact recording of working times, electronic time recording is also relevant for compliance with legal regulations under labour law.

Time recording has the following advantages for your company:

  •     Overview of working times
  •     Easy management of absences and holidays
  •     Transparency for different working time models
  •     Improvement of employee satisfaction
  •     Increased time and cost efficiency
  •     Simplified payroll accounting
  •     Adaptable to the needs of the company

The advantages of access control:

  •     Protection and security for people and values
  •     Easy adaptation to the needs of your company
  •     Meets the requirements of the indemnity insurer
  •     Continuous overview of the access rights of all persons
  •     Immediate blocking of lost access cards
  •     Notification of manipulation attempts
  •     Individual access authorisations within the company

Combining time recording with access control not only prevents incorrect entries of working times, but also prevents unauthorised persons from accessing certain areas.

Solutions from primion

Our prime WebTime time recording software enables you to record individual data. You get an exact overview and reduce costs at the same time. In addition, you can apply for holidays electronically and manage overtime, as all employee working hours are recorded and processed electronically. This enables realistic planning options and guarantees a comprehensive overview of working times, absences and vacation days. In addition, prime Connect from primion can be used, so that a holistic system for time recording can be used. State-of-the-art technologies can handle the entire recording and billing of working hours, which, in combination with access control, ensures maximum security.