VdS approval for hazard management system from primion

Conformity with the testing specifications of DIN EN 50518-2 has been confirmed
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psm2200, the hazard management system from primion Technology AG has been awarded VdS approval in accordance with VdS 3534. As part of this approval, conformity with the testing specifications of DIN EN 50518-2 (Monitoring and Alarm Receiving Centre) was tested and confirmed.

This gives any company who is operating the system certification from an independent institution, in respect of the quality, reliability and security of the psm2200 software.

Through this certification, primion has extended the previous application area for psm2200 of Security and Building Management Technology, to encompass certified deployment in European Security Command and Control Centres (SCC).

WIK, Germany’s leading research and advisory institute for communications services, has once again identified the VdS quality mark for products and service providers to be the most important purchase criterion in the security market.

The prime security management 2200 Control Centre software - psm2200 - controls and monitors the complete spectrum of security-critical applications in access control, building management, fire detection and video surveillance. psm2200 integrates these applications into one platform, enabling a complete overview at all times. Data supplied by security or building management systems is integrated and visualised in a central, uniform GUI, using bi-directional interfaces. The resulting scenarios can be defined in advance as automated processes, e.g. notifying the emergency services.

If required, manual interventions can be supported through individual Workflow scenarios, for example, who within the company needs to be notified about which alarms. In serious emergency situations, detectors react within seconds, triggering alarms, closing fire protection doors, opening up escape routes. At the same time, first responders and emergency services are informed. All client processes work permanently online. Relevant process information is available for processing at all times. There is no need for client databases, which reduces investment costs. Online clients are updated at the click of a mouse button, which means that operators are always working with the latest version.