spring4shell Software Vulnerability CVE-2022-22950

primion Updates recommended

In the IT sector, we currently encounter the issue of the "spring4shell" software vulnerability, which is used in the name-giving "Spring" Java framework. This framework is used in many modern IT applications.

Even though we are not aware of any successful attacks on primion systems via this vulnerability, we recommend updates for the affected software solutions listed below:

Only prime Connect v1.4 or newer

We recommend installing prime Connect v1.6. This version is compatible with all pWS versions.

Only prime WebSystems 9.20 B163 or newer

For prime WebSystems, the software vulnerability is only relevant in connection with the use of the prime Mobile solution. We recommend installing Build 163 Fix Pack 4 if you are using prime Mobile.

Only pSM 5.0 or newer

We recommend installing the Fix Pack

prime Visit (all versions)

We recommend installing the Fix Pack

All other primion solutions are not affected.

For further information or assistance, please contact our colleagues at International Business. E-mail: ib@remove-this.primion.de.

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