Keyless Access Control: Use of Flexible On- and Offline Solutions

Electronic locks as a secure and cost-saving addition to modern, online-based access management

Whether it's a change of employees or a loss of keys: managing keys and thus manually controlling access to individual company areas often involves a great deal of effort. At the same time, the demands on access control have also increased significantly in the course of digitalisation. There is a demand for systems for keyless access control that are both secure and customisable and can be easily integrated. Modern access control software, combined with innovative readers and modern electronic locks, enables a comprehensive overall concept for keyless access control that combines the advantages of online and offline solutions in the best possible way.

Scalable security solutions such as prime WebAccess and the online/offline solution prime KeyTechnology (pKT) from primion are in line with this trend and show that keyless access control can also be implemented with low investment and installation costs.

Today's access control: benefiting from well thought-out systems

Large companies in particular, with many areas or facilities where visitors frequently enter and leave, benefit from keyless access control and modern access solutions. Access systems from primion present themselves as an efficient and also a time- and cost-saving way to combine RFID-based locks and locking cylinders in a targeted manner with functional access control software.

Instead of a classic locking system and mechanical door locks, access rights are issued centrally online. The doors can be opened and closed keylessly using transponders in chips or ID cards, and individual rooms can be easily integrated into the system. Another advantage of the primion systems: Whereas with other online-based security solutions, for example, doors have to be laboriously wired in order to be subsequently integrated into a locking system, primion has developed a cost-saving alternative with prime KeyTechnology (pKT). This is fully integrated into the prime WebAccess access control system, whereby all functions are managed centrally. All components such as access authorisations and the like are programmed in the access control software to ensure communication between the RFID transponder in the badge and the online security system.

In this online/offline system, individual rooms can be integrated by equipping their doors with electronic pKT locks or digital locking cylinders. For this purpose, the previous analogue door lock is replaced by corresponding pKT components such as the pKT comfort system full-leaf door - an electronic lock for interior doors. The master reader at the main entrance is connected online to the system and transfers the corresponding access rights to the employee or visitor badge. This badge can be used to open and lock the electronic locks released in the system. The locks themselves have no authorisation logic of their own and are not connected to the system. They function autonomously and are powered by a long-life battery. All updates, such as changed access rights, are maintained directly in the software.

Secure access control without keys thanks to combined online and offline solutions

Especially the different security requirements of individual company areas make it clear that a combination of online solutions and offline components is often the most efficient and cost-effective solution for keyless access control. While the entrance area or access to server rooms must be specially secured, the security effort for other rooms is lower. Here, it makes sense to integrate individual doors into the existing primion security system using pKT, for example.

The innovative solutions from primion show, across all sectors and regardless of the size of the company, how other areas can be integrated into the access control system at any time through the successful interaction of well thought-out offline solutions and the latest online applications - absolutely secure, cost-effective and time-saving!

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