Electronic Access Control: Exploiting the Opportunities Offered by Scalable Systems

Modern access control systems create a sustainable security basis for companies

Healthy, entrepreneurial growth: it is still considered one of the most important goals - both for new start-ups and for traditional companies established in the market. As the size of a company increases, so do the security requirements. For example, access to the company must be regulated at all times in order to protect people, assets, technologies and products - reliable access control and flexible system solutions are essential.

Whereas in the past the gatekeeper literally took access control into his own hands by means of a barrier and a bunch of keys, thanks to electronic access control there are now far more modern systems that offer two major advantages: They can be adapted to individual sectors and can be expanded as demand increases. Finally, at the latest with an increasing number of employees, the demands on solutions for access control, time recording and co. grow particularly challenging: access control must meet the current needs of a company and at the same time be scalable enough to meet all future requirements. Companies specialising in security solutions, such as primion, are setting a new trend in terms of corporate security with electronic access control, like primion's prime WebAccess access control software and corresponding hardware in the form of readers, control units, cylinders and locks.

Smooth transitions and efficient processes thanks to electronic access control

When a company grows, for example by regularly hiring new employees, new access authorisations for opening doors in or on the building have to be issued again and again at short notice. Not all areas have the same security requirements. As an intelligent system for electronic access control, prime WebAccess adapts to every security requirement. Access rights can be easily assigned temporarily and spatially, flexibly changed and doors or turnstiles controlled. If an employee changes position or workplace within the company, new authorisations can be easily adjusted accordingly - every change takes effect in real time. Thanks to defined workflows, authorisations can also be assigned automatically, so that access rights for several thousand employees can be easily managed with the help of prime WebAccess.

If the company location changes due to a move or an existing building complex is extended, all components can continue to be used and adapted accordingly. If additional security is required for individual areas in or around the building at a later date, these can be easily integrated thanks to prime KeyTechnology (pKT). The pKT online/offline system is integrated into prime WebAccess, and access to the rooms is made possible for selected persons at specific times. These book with their ID cards at the so-called master reader, whereby the daily access authorisations are transferred to the identification medium. With the help of the badge as a key, only those doors can be opened which have previously been released in the system for this person. This is because the mechatronic components such as fittings or cylinders do not have their own authorisation logic as door openers.

A clear advantage: Scalable access control solutions from primion

Probably the greatest advantage of solutions based on electronic access control is the ability to link and expand different systems - from a simple system to a comprehensive high-security solution for locking systems. Thanks to numerous interfaces, technologies such as prime WebAccess can be easily expanded with time recording or hazard management modules or integrated into existing systems. Thanks to a common database, an existing primion access control system can, among other things, be extended by the software for time recording - prime WebTime - without having to enter personnel master data again. The electronic access control is ideally complemented by prime Visit. The visitor management software monitors time-limited access for suppliers, business partners or external guests to a defined area of the building and at the same time guarantees a professional reception through automated invitation and registration scenarios.

Digital access control solutions for a secure corporate future

Electronic access control as a future-proof solution in companies facilitates the overview, accelerates processes and is suitable for different company sizes. In the course of digitalisation, all companies, regardless of their degree of business growth, will have to deal with modern concepts for access control, time recording or visitor management. In addition, an overall increase in security requirements due to sabotage attempts - for example in the form of industrial espionage through unauthorised access - is leading to analogue key locking systems increasingly being replaced by digital access systems. A flexible, intelligent overall package of electronic access control, combined with other systems as required, could be a first step towards equipping a company for the future, increasing security in the long term and, above all, concentrating on one thing: healthy and sustainable growth.

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