Satisfied Customers

Some of our references

primion provides system solutions across all industries and across all company sizes. We develop and manufacture all our access control systems, the security command center solution and time and attendance systems in-house. Our solutions are equally suited for installation in small office premises as for deployment in complex, high-security solutions. Another keystone of the solution is the implementation of the latest technologies, providing a basis for the highest levels of operational security.

The timely movement of goods is guaranteed

Controlling vehicle site access is vital for the timely and secure movement and handling of goods for transport and logistics companies. 

With a site that covers some 70,000 m², Spedition Scherbauer operates one of the largest and most up-to-date logistics terminals in the Regensburg / Eastern Bavaria region – and they have placed their trust in the long range solution from primion. Read the report here.

Security also for first responders

They risk their lives to help others. First responders, whether they are operating in the countryside, in the mountains, on the water or in the air, work permanently at the limit of what is possible. But people who work for the rescue services also need safety and security.

Together with their long-term partner team x, primion Technology AG is ensuring that through the deployment of their systems for Access control and Time recording at the Regional Fire Brigade Association in Feldkirch. Read the whole report here.

One of the most attractive museums

The “Museum Aan de Stroom” (Museum on the River) in Antwerp is known as one of the most attractive museums in the world.

The Belgian primion subsidiary GET has now supplied the museum with a tailored software and hardware solution for Access control. The compatibility with the existing system was a significant factor in awarding the order. Read the whole report here.

Protection for people and animals

More than 17,000 tropical plants, around 300 exotic animals and an unspoilt rain forest like those found in the ancient continent of Gondwana – that is the 16,500 m2 Gondwanaland at Leipzig Zoo that was opened in July 2011. The total costs for this unique animal and tropical paradise came to 66.8 million Euro.

At Leipzig Zoo, they have been relying on primion’s prime Web system for Time recording and Access control since 2001. Now, Gondwanaland, Europe’s largest tropical hall, has been equipped with software and hardware from primion. Read the whole report here.