Particularly sensitive guidelines apply to airports

The special situation at airports, or in other public spaces such as underground stations, where countless passengers and workers pass through, requires particular security and protection measures. The operator is obliged to minimise risks and to install systems, which ensure that unauthorised persons cannot access areas in which manipulations could endanger other people’s lives.

All important facilities, such as the airport terminal, the access to aeroplanes or security areas such as the control tower, have to be protected with access control, video surveillance or alarm and intrusion detector systems.

The requirements continue to grow.

Among other things, Fraport, the operating company of Frankfurt’s airport, relies on primion systems, as well as the security control system psm2200, where over 1,000 different individual requests are implemented.  These include, for example, access control, administration of identity documents and visitors, controlling of the gates and also time management. The project is one of the largest in the industry.

Even the Nuremberg airport, the Baden Air Park, the BER, Berlin Airports Tegel and Schönefeld, the Allgäu Airport and the Braunschweig airport trust in primion systems.